Business practice and daily dealings ensure that all businesses have their regular share of frustrations, not least the constant bombardment reminders about the economy with ever changing headlines more inconsistent than the climate. When news is about the change in conditions becoming constant and sustainable we can all relax a little, otherwise trading conditions can be frustrating , especially when there appears to be a downward spiral.

As a lovely lady  once said  ‘There are no shortcuts to any place worth going’.  Anyone in business will understand that, and so it is with any work towards to an economic turnaround, however that doesn’t prevent huge frustration along the way to any new economy.

It would seem, from research  into decision making at times of uncertainty, that some attitudes are seemingly more embedded than maybe we’d like to think about. In a Monkey Marketplace economic choice was illustrated as being  variant with risk and certainty as that which humans display and that, for our monkey brains, reform might take some time yet. Consumer and business demand relies on credit for growth, and credit growth remains weak, therefore it seems the frustrations may continue for some time and any signals for businesses could be hand-signal responses.

As the blog Trading Pit History curates, Traders  used hand signals  for decades to both buy and sell. We noticed bull horns  on the site (sign for Merrill Lynch) and thought perhaps that the same sign, made with arms crossed and the other hand `open’ to represent the rear of the bull, as used in BSL, would be a useful sign for many a business during  frustrating times; until we can all give two thumbs up.

(Image credit: hmerinomx    Article credit: Copyright SUF)