Having spoken with a lot of micros there appears to be a distinctive three-way split; those not experiencing any difficulties, those beginning to experience difficulties or those who are throwing in the towel. A 3-way split which might be applicable to all sectors and at most levels, but listening to a micro or small business throwing in the towel is especially disheartening when the demise of their business is based upon their caution about the future.

With the continued mixed messages about what the future holds it’s no mean task, however, changing fiscal and business habits may prepare business for a healthy future despite economic uncertainty. Even with an optimistic attitude, controlling costs is essential for efficient operation for the micro/ small business, especially when there are time pressures and weak sales. The result is usually trying to grow the business without being able to run the business.

Micro and small business is having to change or throw in the towel, making a few tweaks and waiting to see what will happen isn’t sufficient in this climate. There are solutions which can take a traditional business into the future without losing its traditional ethos, customers want interested and interesting businesses, for everything else there’s always a local supermarket. Supporting those businesses needs interesting and interested advisors who can enable results.

For any micro/small business, going an extra round isn’t easy….. but neither is throwing in the towel.
(Image credits: LifeSupercharger and maxintosh Article credit: Copyright SUF)