Stressed-out finance

The reaction to pressure: Stress


All banks are themselves stress-tested, all lenders stress-test applicants and we’re all stressed-out to some degree or another.


The last thing we want to do when we’re under pressure is often that which needs the most attention.


With that in mind, some familiar pointers to smartening-up financial readiness


1. Take the advantage. Only use finance if you benefit from it


2. Good debt v. Bad debt. Understand the difference and make it work for you, not others


3. Start as soon as you can. De-clutter paperwork and organize files – See where you stand and be ready when thinking about potential re-financing and borrowing


4. To-Go Bag. Think about the important things you’d need in an emergency to get up and get started again (hopefully never to be needed) Focus on essentials that may need attention


5. Make it easy. Keep everything together, keep it updated and then you can take it easy


6. Choose your storage. A box, the PC, a spreadsheet; it doesn’t matter provided it’s up to date, everything is to hand and it’s organized


7. Click away. Images aren’t all destined for Instagram or FB and can be useful for easy reference


8. Time matters. As we’ve come to expect, everything takes time – making a start can save time


9. Carefully does it. Note hiccups on your credit file – make certain they’re valid and not a Company mistake


10. Stay organized. After you’ve put in the work to find a routine, keep it that way.


Article credit: Copyright SUF © 2020


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