Outside the Box  is both a Marmite phrase and a Series  we run about businesses, and people, as a direct response to people we’ve encountered.  Often not knowingly, they’ve illustrated an attitude of creative thinking that enables their business an unconventional distinction or infectious energy; lateral thinkers we like a lot.

With Value as a faculty component, three factors which enable businesses to not only survive but thrive; creative attitude, breaking barriers and impact, equally manage to inspire.  Those who have an instinct to ‘feel’ their business are disciplined sufficiently to find their business voice. They value the shape of their business or service and enable its form by cutting that shape and structure.

Business models’ cores, which fluctuate with changes, are dependent upon markets, products or services and when those changes aren’t valued or not responded to, the business loses its shape.  With so many variables and choices for a business model it would be easy to become lost in all the noise however, by being aware of any imperfections, accepting critique and preparing for a different structure, the noise can be cut and the tailoring continue.

(Image credit: trakygraves  Article credit: Copyright SUF)