Wood He or Wooden He ? A tall story….

"80 Trades"  (C4 ) came to a close last night and just like the title, to fully enjoy, belief had to be suspended once again. There were far less than 80 trades and those little nuisances of trading such as taxes, duties or fixers were, as always, never mentioned...... along with the useful addition of a [...]

Something Fishy in Trading…

We’re still absorbed by the 80 Trades being made by Connor Woodman (C4 - Thursday pm).  Fleeced-over last week by a scam tea trader and not doing his research into trading regulations left him with a mighty loss, an unsold piece of jade and a full days fishing and selling.... all  for about 75p profit.... [...]

Around the World in 80 Trades

An amiable travelogue is just what’s needed at the end of a busy day and "Around the World in 80 Trades"  (C4 Thursday pm)  has pushed all the right buttons. Profit, not being made by betting on imaginary capital in an imaginary market,  but by trading "in cash" with the reality of losing everything. he [...]