Buying Time

Today I’m a day older than I was yesterday and this month marks the bridge between two significant anniversaries for me this year: twenty-five years of self-employment and fifteen years since developing into Step-Up Finance. But there’s a problem with marking birth days – at a certain point in life, they become striking reminders of [...]

Insight – May 2016

"According to......." According to @enf  collecting data about housing costs is a worthwhile exercise. Kudos. 1979 was the year that San Francisco’s Mayor imposed a rent control, 70 years later, data inspection shows an average 6.6% increase (mostly year on year since 1956) – rent control or not. Eric Fischer cites ‘It would take a [...]
August 2011 Noteworthy News

August 2011 Noteworthy News

The high days and holidays started with a month dominated by news of a business’s standard practice included hacking, the US managed to overtake the headline-grabbing with the standard dominant phrase of debt ceiling. This headline will likely change, over the coming weeks, as we learn more about their economy predictions, long term issues and [...]