May 2010 Noteworthy News

May 2010 Noteworthy News

Monthly Noteworthy News: Bank Taxes to Fund Future Bailouts The IMF is set to propose new taxes on global financial institutions. FSC (Financial Stability Contribution) and the FAT  Tax ( Financial Activities Tax) – did we just see irony? – will be placed on profits and pay. The next G20 held, Canada in June, is [...]

More Meat for the G20 to Chew On

At the weekend, the G20 economic Ministers, amongst their discussions, worked on an agreement aimed at protecting global Banking from systemic risks and reforming Bankers’ bonus payments. The contentious areas are likely to be the requirement to hold more and higher quality capital and the setting of leverage ratio, limiting the amount of borrowing by [...]

Climbing the Financial Mountain

The precursor to the G20 Summit (London April 2) is the G-20 Finance Ministers meeting ( this weekend). The preparatory gathering is supposed to lay foundations for the main meeting, however, with a division of goals between the U.S.A. and some European members; ‘finding a one size fits all’ could be interesting. The Europeans seem [...]