Stay Safe

I was listening to someone talking about Covid-19 and (again) the metaphor of War was being used. Little wonder with the lockdowns, the queuing, the rationing, the checkpoints and the war-talk of Presidents, Prime Ministers and prices. A war chest of loans is being brought out to fight the financial difficulties for businesses – I’m [...]

Mortgage Notes – Routes To A Loan

  Direct with a Lender You know how much deposit you have, how much you need to borrow, the type of mortgage you want, the mortgage rate you want to pay, and you understand all the fees and charges that can be attached to a mortgage. You also want to apply individually to lenders you’ve [...]
July 2012 Intermediary A-Musing

July 2012 Intermediary A-Musing

Shoot...!  ....Before  You're Shot! Killing Overload.... Clearly for us in the Northern hemisphere, after tilting its maximum towards the sun in June, the longest day  in terms of daylight hours has reached its peak for another year. Doubtless is the longest day for business owner-managers, with any changes occurring in different areas at the same time, over [...]