December 2009 News

December 2009 News

Market News Visit England indicates that UK holidays have become more popular this year, which is good news for the holiday-let market. However, the tax treatment of this sector is set to change next April. Since 1984, property owners have enjoyed the same tax advantages as those running other tourism businesses, enabling entrepreneur, holdover and [...]

August 2009 News

Market Update Perspective, and some would say Smoke and Mirrors, continues to pervade in the ever-changing marketplace. With a list covering from A to Z of Lenders who are no longer trading, the problem is that remaining Lenders keep moving goal posts.  The natural excitement of a 'provisional Yes' for many applying for funding is [...]

No Tantrums and Tiaras – Just Tedium

The Quantity Theory of money states that the central bank, which controls the money supply, has the ultimate control over the rate of inflation. If the central bank keeps the money supply stable, then the price level will be stable. If the central bank increases the money supply rapidly, the price level will rise rapidly. Following [...]

Cake Expectations….

Good Data speaks with Authority.  As a cold, hard fact it makes it’s mark. So where are those factual numbers today?  Take today’s news about The Woolwich...... Hit me! The interest rates on more than half of its mortgage range are being cut by an average of 0.35%.  Who can deny that hearing of mortgage [...]