Waiting For The Right Time

Reports are suggesting that some mortgage market lenders are starting to increase their pricing rates to products which, based on the price of mortgage-backed securities (traded like Stocks) are already prone to change daily. It seems that finding a property, a lender with the right terms, and a mortgage rate to all come together is [...]

Finance: Time To Make It Work

Attracting funding for specialist business, high-risk business, profitable business, stagnant business, developing business, cost-cutting business, young business, an established business (the list goes on) is always difficult. Lenders seek out problems and challenge where they are placing their money…. And there are gaps… where few or no lenders are willing to take the risk. For [...]

Lending Criteria Changes For BTL Landlords

The PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority) has introduced changes for lenders, lending for portfolio landlords with four or more BTL properties, which will add to ‘stress testing’. In situ from 1st October 2017, one of the the main considerations to be assessed is the ability to service future interest rate rises. Generally, products could remain accessible [...]
Warning: There’s A Long Road Ahead – Don’t Take The Back Seat

Warning: There’s A Long Road Ahead – Don’t Take The Back Seat

Resilient and fragile are contrary business terms which, along with the statements ‘some caution’ and ‘modest increases’, are those being mainly flouted since sterling’s fall after the referendum. Such is the economy’s very mixed year-end picture of, chicken-and-egg-like, stable stagnation. Uncertainty is the one true constant cousin of change and, certainly from my conversations with business [...]