Insight – July 2016

The Property Market Commercial Property It seems Brexit is the sitting duck when something’s not too good, and GDP growth expectations aren’t going to be the exception for being in the fallout zone. Although there doesn’t appear to be the 2008 crash vulnerabilities, it won’t be a surprise to expect property prices to follow-through and [...]
Business Finance Junction – September 2014

Business Finance Junction – July 2014

The FPC (Financial Policy Committee) has proposed new rules for mortgage lenders which caps loan-to-income ratios and includes interest rate stress tests. Lenders will not be able to have more than 15% of new mortgages at loan-to-income above 4.5 times and it applies to all Help-to-Buy loans. Coming into force 1 October, the test ruling applies [...]
December 2010 Noteworthy News

December 2010 Noteworthy News

  The  CRC  (Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme)   which was thought to be recycled back to participants as an incentive to reduce omissions has had some further consultation. Those likely to be affected to take a hit, probably at the same time as VAT being hiked, are big high street chains such as Marks & Spencer, [...]