What’s at the heart of a small business?  What is the one thing that the small business person will put at the forefront of their mindset, to ensure they never forget that the natural pattern of business is ever evolving?  What separates those who are `in’ business and those who are `running’ a business (usually witnessed by the business running them)?

The keyword that supports small business survival, the heart, with a main artery of financial capability, is sustainability.  Therefore, with small business overheads susceptible to the effects of inflation,  it’s a must that the small business with sustainability at its heart is innovative.

Thinking with the marmite phrase, outside the box,  doesn’t mean loopy, off-the-wall, crazy thinking or oddball ideas, it means thinking about a business so that :

  •  No matter what the market conditions, the business is tenable.
  •  No matter what the industry, new ideas are offered that create value.
  •  No matter what the so-called big boys and girls are doing, developing what has maintained and sustained the business remains the focus.

(Image credit: Marc Falardeau   Article credit: Copyright SUF)



“Awesomely powerful, deadly, accurate:  But without highly trained weapons specialists, about as lethal as a pork sausage”