Could 2012 see the appreciation of customers being a new currency for banks?
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Although….  could be as Banks, previously reluctant to join in with social networks are beginning to realise they might be missing out.
Aware of the big numbers therefore potential, banks will be sniffing out the relevance for their brand and measuring risk. An apparently misconstrued plan  for HSBC’s own version of Facebook  indicates there might be a focus for bank’s retail sector towards a wider online community.

Rewarding loyalty,  SaveUp  (US) flips  the approach of rewarding through spending, appearing to encourage customers with a concept  that takes advantage of a points system; the more you save, the more points you gain.

And, realising that security is an issue for online users, First Direct are offering an exclusive download to its Internet Banking customers of six months free internet security protection for any safe surfing, shopping and malware.

Meanwhile, innovatively taking into account online presence as part of trading history, to evaluate credit risk, Instant Working Capital  opens its doors in January to eBay (UK) market sellers.

However, as cages have been rattled again, with news of the ICB’s  shake-up report being implemented (some years down the line) the banking industry will no doubt pass on costs for reforms of a firewall between the retail and investment arms onto its customers.

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Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning –  Bill Gates

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