No doubt, whatever the next shift is, the Independent will translate any new economy to reflect cultural change, changing use of the high street and redevelopment of our society as have their forbears in our history of trade and commercial activity, from grit to silk.

With competition, advancing technology, finance and the economy, as arguably the main challenges for independents both today and in the past, affecting any ability to function with the addition of a block weighted down by the relentless corporate giant is more than unfair. The gloomy outlook for the high street has been well documented over the last few years.

Yet, there is hope for the Indie with adaptability amongst its arsenal and an ambiguous, when it relates to disappearing from our high streets, bow to its string; experience. History repeatedly shows us that Indies grow, take Sainsbury or Tesco, they’ve grown sufficiently to consider themselves almost Midas-like, however, their growth can diminish that which is the making of an Indie; personal service. Understandable that consumers use the supermarket for convenience and lower prices, or online for time saving purchases, the independent needs support not only from customers for long term sustainability.

The tagline ‘small is beautiful’, not usually associated with big market share, is being exposed by a third sector success, Food from the Sky and its host Budgens by growing organic local food on the top of the roof that sells it, inspiring and involving the community, highlighting and promoting the little guy, for mutual benefit. Indies create local distinctiveness and variety, they transform local areas into communities, produce the local economy and stop the homogenised high street.

Unlike the corporate retailers who are experiencing closures for the first time, the independent retailer, which accommodates anyone with their own business assets, has embedded ‘transition’ in their environment. Niche products and services, specialist experience or advice and personal service are the staples of the Indie.

(Image credit: jynemb Article credit: Copyright SUF)