The suggested title for Ernest Borgnine`s recent biography is a brilliant parody for the fallout of the economic downturn.

“I Don`t Want To Set The World On Fire, I Just Want To Keep My Nuts Warm”

He said  “I was walking down 10th Avenue in New York City in  a chilly November cursing myself that I couldn`t get any work. The only one working was Charlton Heston because  he was a good looking guy, and I`m bemoaning my fate, as suddenly, I smell hot chestnuts from a street vendor. I got closer to smell the chestnuts because I couldn`t afford to buy them and I saw the sign on the vendor`s cart. That became my philosophy on life and the title of my book.”

Publishers feared he`d offend too many people with the quirky title and it`s now been changed to “Ernie”.