The mechanics of a business

The man who founded the garage was able to detect the source of a problematic vehicle solely by intent listening and, if a part wasn’t available, he’d make whatever was needed in the workshop.

He shared all he knew with his son, who eventually joined him at the garage. By now, manufacturers were issuing manuals allowing basic diagnostics to a wider market and car parts were being made more readily available, so, the son expanded the premises to stock spare parts, and added a convenience store for their customers.

The son now had his own son, who also took an interest in the garage. However, the grandson’s interest was to take the business in another direction; ‘it’s too old school’, he said. The grandson’s father found this difficult to understand. The business had managed to hold its own, he explained, but his son pointed out it was the only garage for 10 miles, that’s why it was holding its own.

This was a truism that smarted the father, as he remembered the time that he also began work with his father. He’d told his father that being a mechanic wasn’t enough to keep the business alive; a truism that had smarted his father who’d started the repair shop.

The grandson went on to explain his plans for reducing his grandfather’s garage space further, to expand the stock holding area his father had created, as garages in the nearby towns didn’t have space for stock rooms and even with technology, spare parts are needed. He also wanted to reduce stock lines in the convenience store his father had started, to instead focus on snacks and drinks. Plus, with some tweaking, there could be enough land left over for building and development.

This is what people want’, the grandson said. The father was reminded of once telling his father the same when he’d realized the garage wouldn’t survive by looking under the hoods of the local’s cars. His father had been open to suggestion, and so would he. The grandfather had given his customers what they’d wanted at the time. The father had given customers and the business what was wanted at the time.

His son now wanted to give customers what they wanted, and what the business needed.

Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF © 2018.

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