The pound has risen, there’s optimism amongst the financial industry and sterling is looking strong as record low interest rates are still in place  – Business surveys have recently been consistently positive; retail sales are up, car sales are good, mortgage approvals have increased.


Most of these figures are set against previously declined figures, therefore it’s not unrealistic for Step-Up Finance to keep hearing the ‘concerned about cash flow’ chorusing from small businesses amongst the commercial finance and funding concerns.

Needing a jumpstart, some of these business have tried finding a solution by turning to bridging finance or loans, while others have used their own reserves or drawn-down from their business.

Some have managed to reduce the stresses and stabilise their situation.  Some have made it worse by not being realistic about the amounts needed, gateways to those amounts, or exits routes from those amounts.  Some measured the amount of finance that can be taken from a business without leaving it worse off. Some missed the main measurement for cash flow and business value.

The sum total is some have cash and will survive, and some haven’t been strategic, and likely won’t.

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