What have you done with the garden entrusted to you? asked Spanish poet Antonio Machado with the closing line of  The Wind, One Brilliant Day and we began to wonder as it took us several hours to locate a specific garden at this years’ Sandringham Show –  Surprisingly difficult considering the centrepiece was 8 tonnes of metal in the shape of a Sultan tracked command vehicle.
Integral in a garden of wild meadow, paths and pools and quiet reflective stopping points it was made to honour Britain’s armed forces and those responsible for its creation had done a fantastic job, equally ensuring the cause it supported, Help4Heroes, was less difficult to track down.
With so many charities vying for support, raising awareness takes outside the box thinking and we feel that service charities such as The British Legion and  Help4Heroes manage to do exactly that. Without politicising or criticism they put first the servicemen and women and give non- political and non-judgmental support.

And where is the tank hidden now?  This hide and seek Gold Award garden, dedicated to those in the  Armed Forces both past and present, is to be is to be reconstructed, as part of a garden of remembrance at RAF Honington.

Stepping back, considering how our metaphoric gardens grow and putting things into perspective is always to be encouraged.

(Image credit: John-Morgan  Article credit: Copyright SUF)