Numbers hinting at the future direction of the economy continue to be outpoured from the rear-view mirror, as we drive onwards; with no major headline grabbers so far this week.

Hearing of the closure of  C&G , adding to the unemployment statistics, didn’t give the true impact on those families involved. Employment statistics in general never take into account those that have had their hours cut or wages frozen, just as Mortgage Application statistics, up this week, never indicate the demands made for such loans or the amount of applications turned away.   Do such numbers indicate the types of loans  made available or being taken up? Is there any indication of the lack of choice for borrowers?   Surely these are the numbers that need watching.

By knowing the numbers behind the numbers  it’s possible to be given an indication of the lending available. The Banks’  assets, by giving an indication of their response to ‘risk’,  is an interesting number to watch and such numbers are possibly a better indicator of the economy.

These are the numbers  that made the numbers would be a more transparent approach than  Here is a  number for you.