The storage boxes held the detritus of family shifts and changes, much had gone to charity shops but there were several pieces that had been hanging about the corners of the garage, which ‘collectors’ might appreciate.  “Head off to a car boot”, was the suggestion put forward to me:  a business area that I know nothing about – and how quickly I was made aware of being a novice.

I would be well organised, managing my ‘stock’  – all the prep had been done – an organised site chosen, each toy type had been separated, price label allotted and readied to be brought out for viewing.  I could imagine myself whiling away a couple of hours, relaxing and chatting with my customers in between taking in an opportunity to work outside.

No one warned me about the descent of dealers, ‘Any gold or silver?  Records?  Got any ……?’  The list went on as they pulled at the boxes and opened lids manically.  Those that didn’t want ‘vintage’ toys moved on, leaving a combination of mostly men fighting worse than four year olds.  Metal farm vehicles were put into bags before they’d been purchased,  Schleich dinosaurs were tipped into the box of non-marked dinos and distractions from hagglers meant some managed to walk away without paying.

Deviant dealers cutting into my profits, having to keep track of my (small amount) of stock that was in effect right in front of my eyes!  If my experience is marginally similar to this type of market trader’s regular experience, this is one trader who gets a tip of the hat.

Image credit:  Dominics Pics  Article credit: Copyright SUF