With the reality of business economics being under increased pressures, the debate on the sustainability of small businesses will continue.

There is no silver bullet for businesses with models at tipping points; competition and alternative channels, profit margins and budgetscash-flow  and supply chains, each have an impact on the demand. Customers want convenience and efficiency all wrapped up in value with an added smiley face.

But there is no doubt, not adapting to all those demands will only place a business in jeopardy to altered trading conditions.

Small companies that have become reliant on systems (including their banks) believing that their business is safe are, in general, unrealistic. By optimising opportunity and developing strategy  businesses assist themselves in being complicit in managing business.

Implementing change for improvement creates transformation and can build the necessary confidence for business decision making when there is any uncertainty.

Image credit: Jan   Article credit: Copyright © SUF 2013