Locked away, remaining a secret known only to us (….and anyone else who happens to already know) are a couple of special places which on this occasion we don’t want to share.  Any businesses associated with our special places understand that we loyally return because they offer an advantage which enables customer satisfaction. We don’t usually take this attitude where there is a business that we know, have used or stumbled upon, we’re quite happy to share; hence Outside the Box.  It is our pleasure to example businesses which don’t merely satisfy customers’ expectations. They demonstrate that business models and attitudes can go beyond the confines of any muffled expectation of a satisfied customer.

Customer loyalty is a fickle commodity for business to capture. Found in businesses which have a certain mix of elements amongst the mechanisms in place to react and respond to enhance the customer experience and not just be set aside for problems that arise, they are absorbed into the business’s philosophy blotting paper. With a model of honesty  Destination Bridal Consultant’s  Customer Service exemplifies the requirement for a long term commitment in a business’s attitude towards their paying public. Ben from Imperial Teas  has infused into his business the philosophy of sharing  knowledge with his customers, as has Vino, also  specialists –  Illustrating that customer satisfaction involves building relationships through the customer experience.  Yummy Yorkshire  guaranteed the necessity of consistent to the mix for customer satisfaction by diversifying an already quality core product. Wilderness Survival Skills School,  Kate Edwards Eco-Building , CSI Events  and Mawr Country House  are innovative, which enables their customers an experience to remember for the right reasons.

Creative thinkers such as SquidLondon  are continually developing their ideas, however, for any business to achieve customer satisfaction and enable success there has to be some creative thinking. Whether it’s a product or service based business, continually developing the advantage of that business is the key ingredient to customer satisfaction. When a customer experiences satisfaction, they remember the advantage.

A business is sustained by its customers; customer satisfaction is sustained by a business ……and a truly satisfied customer is one with customer satisfaction – guaranteed.


(Image credits: Excellence – Roland Tanglao  Others – Copyright SUF   Article credit: Copyright SUF)