I’ll hold my hands up – I’ve ‘signed’ Agreements without reading the small print.
Foolish? Yes. Have I got caught out? Not thus far (insert grimacing Emoji)
I am referring to the myriad of ‘I Agree’ website check-boxes with their enclosed small print the length of a holiday book beach read. Not dissimilar to financial terms and agreements which, read through, can look like the mongrel creation of a Star Wars movie opening (the slanting big-to-small text) and first attempt at reading Shakespeare (the strange language). Small print seems to be getting longer, less avoidable, less comprehensible and more inevitable.
I speak with a lot of small enterprise owners, directors, managers, entrepreneur-owners, owner-managers, business owners, business owner-managers, et-al, who are generally more concerned about understanding where they are leading their businesses and what I can do for them, than what each of our job titles are. We’re both on the same track: we’re Independent, striving to be effective in our business and further our personal goals. We actively manage: monitoring our work processes, processing information and opportunities, and look to rational planning in bringing it all together.
Much the same as the damage difference between not reading the small print of an online white goods warranty or long-term loan agreement, there are differences in information gathering for making financial decisions in an overwhelming marketplace.
In short, traits which are vital for businesses to be effective are vital in working together effectively.
Article credit: Copyright SUF © 2017