Getting to grips with technology can be a problem, being concerned about security; Website attacks, emails going missing, computer viruses – All are understandable. But businesses practicing without email….. How?

What is the reasoning behind a resistant micro or smaller business to an email account?

My flabber has been  gasted by perfectly serious businesses telling me they don’t have email, with my mind sent mostly reeling by those with smart phones and pc’s, laptops and dongles, dishes with satellite and broadband with sleigh-bells (slight exaggeration).

It isn’t a secret formula, I genuinely don’t know how those, without access to the magic juice of internet, manage to do business – especially with a retail element that incurs stockist and customer communication. Mobile point of sale must seem like War of the Worlds to them, or any who haven’t yet realised the low-cost entry potential to reaching customers.

Old fashioned Customer Service is strengthened with new technology.

Image credit: Sean MacEntee   Article credit: Copyright SUF 2013