weighing up appetite
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It is that time of year again.
Results day.
Not the every student and parents’ day of dread type, instead the interim or half-yearly Banking results – the time when profit figures are released – the time when I imagine red highlighters are being swiped across bold black headings marked Bad Loans and Going Bad Loans.
That which is set aside for loans reflects that which is under a red highlighter marking. Figures in the billions are being put away. NatWest £2.2 billion, Lloyds £2.4 billion, Barclays £1.6 billion, and so on totalling some £6 billion and rising (take off Bounce Back loans backed 100% by the Government, adjusted by the billions of those going – or gone – bad). Which means that favourite phrase is going to come back into fashion, there will be a ‘loss of appetite’ for lending, particularly towards the stalwart of the business community, the small business.
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