The sun shone this week and we’re feeling better than ever; ice-creams all around.  Last weeks’ rain had us needing a boost, the cinema was just the (apologies for pun) ticket and Masterchef’s   Greg Wallace- type ‘lovely’ puddings helped.  However, guilt then set in and we cut back for a while; which is different from cutting out. Then, feeling  down, we caved in as soon as the sun shone.

For many people, reaction to the realisation of overspending can be far ranging, from `upset’ to `very down’, and, to assist those emotions in an upturn, the next reaction is to spend. Indulging and making ourselves feel better seems to be a human condition and so often seems to follow the statement ‘I’m bored’ or ‘I’m stressed’.  However, would looking to spend with a consideration for value be the same type of spending as that without consideration?  Would re-adjusting spending patterns and introducing short term goals assist? 

Our current Parliament is closed for business   in the run up to the election, but there is much media coverage being given over to the election race;  including policies being debated by the party leaders on TV.  But, no waiting in the wings for our economy, it will be trundled on at every opportunity like an aged stage prop to be circumnavigated, however no matter who is elected, it can’t be packed away for the pantomime season. Depending on who and what is the final outcome, spending, or how we all spend, could get much closer to home and it won’t be just the weather that will have us grabbing our money and heading to the nearest ‘drug of choice’.

Partly quoting a reasonably well-known Scot,  ‘Contenders Ready?  Because the would be  Gladiators seem to be dizzy with spin’.

(Image credit: tourist_on_earth  Article credit: Copyright SUF)