“80 Trades”  (C4 ) came to a close last night and just like the title, to fully enjoy, belief had to be suspended once again. There were far less than 80 trades and those little nuisances of trading such as taxes, duties or fixers were, as always, never mentioned…… along with the useful addition of a camera crew by your side to ease the way.

 ‘He who dares not (reason)’ applies to this Woodman who’s real trading with real people generated genuine responses; irrespective of the mechanics getting to the deal.  How many people can say they traded Tequila from Tequila?  Finally our Mr Woodman traded Wood (sustainable Teak from Brazil) in a recessive UK on his return.

There was a lot to put into each hour of production and, besides,  who really wants to see all the cogs behind the deals? 

Leave that for a spin off series……… now that’s business.