If you are a Trooper under fire, you could be forgiven when you swear like a Trooper under fire, BUT swearing like a Trooper under fire, via a member of staff, to someone on the end of the phone who’s come to your business with beneficial information (although you don’t know that because you’re too busy growling in the background)…..Come on!…..REALLY?

This wasn’t a first in terms of front-line staff not being trained to manage a situation but, more concerning, was it a first in terms of them witnessing their owner-manager’s reaction? ….A first of one-of-many reactionary signs of small business stress?….Or was the guy just an arrogant ignoramus?

Did I mention the additional surprise at hearing the verbal two-fingers was because it came from the mouth of a Board Member for a Trade Association which provides ‘inspirational leadership?’

“Did you get what he said?!”  asked the seemingly similarly shocked staff member.  Loud but not so clear as to what the message was, or, as comment left in an interesting Harvard Review: Should Leaders Ever Swear, stated;  Profanity is counterfeit words in a bankrupt vocabulary.

Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF